Ramadhan Do’s & Don’ts- Chronicles of a queasy fat girl

Not even water? Yes kids. Not even water.

Ramadhan 1439 is upon us and I think I speak for most when I say anticipation for this blessed month is at an all-time high.

Our hearts are ill. Our souls are tired. Our minds are clouded.

We are but a shadow of our true selves and we NEED Ramadhan to revitalize the very essence of our being. To give us the time to take a break from the trivialities of life and reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and ultimately, where we want to be.

Whilst preparation for most involve orchestrating a hardcore assembly line for the triangular bits of Jannah we lovingly call sammies, we need to take time out to ensure we have something of an action plan for the month ahead. Ramadhan is a sacred asset and requires us to fully capitalize on the many benefits we can reap from it.

I’ve compiled a list of DO’s and DON’Ts which may just help you (AND ME) get started on our respective journeys.

DO plan ahead.

This post is regrettably late, having only been published less than a month before fasting commences but be sure to have some kind of plan moving forth. Whether its writing up daily goals after Tahhajud or setting reminders for daily deeds on your phone, try to establish a structured method and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done. And though our beautiful religion rewards even the very thought of performing a good deed, the feeling of executing that soup kitchen you’ve always wanted to is something that can’t be put into words.

(My Dua is a brilliant app with an option to set reminders for supplications and help you refresh the dozen of duas you’ve got stored somewhere in your 11 year old brain).

DON’T succumb to THE CRAVE.

This is me, Every. Single. Year.

I’m weaker than most and a little fat girl to the core. Honestly. I find myself craving the most arbitrary things. One walk down the baking aisle in woolies and suddenly my heart is pining for a tin of the finest Clover Condense Milk. I kid you not, it gets that bad. I think the trick here is not to altogether deprive your inner glut but rather to distinguish between what you’re actually craving and the first thing your hungry eyes have set their sights on.

DO hydrate hydrate hydrate!

We often neglect our body’s very essential need for water during Ramadhan. I for one cant handle the bloated feeling that often accompanies drinking water on an empty stomach and for this reason tend to jump straight onto the Falooda wagon. I generally drink two glasses at Suhoor, one before I eat and one just after. Try to figure out when your body is most receptive to water intake and make sure you have water at those times. Also, I’ve found that sipping slowly can be pretty helpful and before you know it you’ve downed a good liter.

I know drinking water in winter can be a toughie so start training yourself from now onwards. Use an app like Plant Nanny to track your progress.

DON’T be a judgmental prat

Frequently Overheard:

-Look at that doekie. Not a single hair in sight. Pity it wont last and we’ll be seeing more skin than we want to on eid.

-Okay he reaaaallllyyyyy doesn’t suit a beard.

-Which under 65 even eats rice and dhal for suhoor?

Just stop. Seriously. Judgement looks good on no one.

DO try them good ol’ home remedies

While the world heads towards unprecedented levels of technology, medical advancement and the like, it will only be your grandma’s ginger & honey mix that fixes your wretched cold come the middle of Ramadhan. Also, with Ramadhan in the southern Hemisphere being in winter, we are more prone to the odd sniffle or two. I for one struggle with intense nausea which usually peaks around an hour or two before sunset. The only thing that has helped combat this has been to eat cinnamon oats at suhoor and pop some lemon in my water as well. I have since ditched my tea & croissant duo in favour of this power oats remedy.

Make use of the wealth of knowledge and experience available to you through your families and have a go at some natural healing. And remember, honey is shifaah 🙂

Aaand lastly, DON’T neglect the DATE

This point is two-fold. Ramadhan comes and goes in a heartbeat. Make the most of each and every day. Don’t wait for the last 10 days to up the deen game. Start from day one and work your way through a month full of value and contentment.

And of course, don’t hold back on your date consumption. Date’s are insanely nutritious, packed with a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals. Dates come in a wide variety from raw dates, dried dates, soft dates, black dates and brown dates. With the opportunity to stuff your dates with nuts or even make delightful date balls, the options are endless.

I pray we all get the chance to welcome this blessed month in just a short while ❤

With love,

Razeena x


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