Ramadhan Do’s & Don’ts- Chronicles of a queasy fat girl

Not even water? Yes kids. Not even water. Ramadhan 1439 is upon us and I think I speak for most when I say anticipation for this blessed month is at an all-time high. Our hearts are ill. Our souls are tired. Our minds are clouded. We are but a shadow of our true selves and … Continue reading Ramadhan Do’s & Don’ts- Chronicles of a queasy fat girl


Holiday Haul & Mini Reviews

I wish this was some huge Sephora haul featuring a truckload of products I’ve been desperate to get my hands on for months and months and months. Instead, it’s my mini make up haul featuring mostly gifts and the few items I managed to purchase during my recent travels. Although I was in Europe during … Continue reading Holiday Haul & Mini Reviews


Anxiety. The discounted epidemic. The overlooked disorder. The silent killer. Assessing problems that can't be visually and physically examined carry a degree of both uncertainty and skepticism. One such problem is that of anxiety. And boy is it a huge one. Anxiety affects 1 in 13 people all over the world, a startling statistic and an undoubtedly … Continue reading YTEIXNA.